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If you need to replace the drum on your garage door, you will need a garage door company that will be dependable and affordable at the same time.

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Parts that make up a garage door can be divided into several categories. The drum is attached to a motor, a spring, a safety device, and a safety device. The drum is crucial to the safety of the garage door. Garage doors may not open or close correctly if the drum is damaged. Having a damaged drum can lead to a lot of problems in your garage.

Overhead Door Drum Adjustment

Our garage door drum replacement will not be necessary for all malfunctioning parts. The garage door drum wheel may need to be modified in some of these situations. In order to maintain the good functioning of your overhead door, the rollers, located at the far end of the torsion spring shafts, must be regularly calibrated. In addition to these elements, you will also be responsible for the heavy lifting of your garage door drum with these elements. In both the left and right sides of the garage door opening, the drums will be located above the tracks of your garage door.

Types Of Replacement Garage Door Drums

Garage door drums can be replaced with Torque Force 400-96 drums or 400-144 drums. The right drum type is necessary. A lot of residential doors have Torque Force 400-96 drums. It can hold cables up to 1/8-inch thick, and weighs 265 pounds. The Torque Force 400-144 cable drum is usually used with heavier garage doors. They measure 375 pounds and have a greater carrying capacity. Drums like these can support doors that are up to 12 feet tall and can handle considerably more load. Cable drums are likely to be found in high overhead garages with heavy gates.

Garage Door Drum Troubleshooting

The garage door drum may need to be replaced if your garage doors become loud or shake when they are operating. Dust and dirt will accumulate on drums and drum wheels if not properly maintained. Corrosion of components caused by a lack of maintenance must be repaired to avoid further damage to others.

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