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With licensed and insured technicians, Star Garage Door Repair Vancouver offers a full range of garage door services in Orchards. Our garage door repair service has been serving Orchards residents and businesses for almost 30 years.

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If anything seems amiss, if the garage door is noisy, if the sensors are malfunctioning, or if there is any other damage, please let us know. We will do our best to provide you with the service whenever possible. If you need assistance with your garage door, we have a skilled team of technicians who can help you. Having your garage door repaired on the same day means you won’t have to worry about your home’s security being compromised. With years of experience and top-notch skills, our team is second to none.


The majority of the time, garage door openers need to be fixed. The drive system consists of pulleys, rollers, drums, and belts that are driven by a motor. A motor is used to drive the belt that lifts the garage door. During the entire process of opening and closing your garage door, springs, belts, and motors are responsible. Many garage doors refuse to open after being installed with a garage opener. There are many possible causes of motor problems, including electrical problems, faulty sensors, and broken belts, drums, or rollers.


No matter if they are extension or torsion springs, garage door springs can be repaired. Each of these springs provides a counterbalance and a force that enables the garage door to move up and down. Since a heavy garage door must be opened and closed, springs on the opener ensure that the door remains balanced as it opens and closes. We urge you to notify us immediately if you notice any damage, wear, or other problems with your garage door springs. Our technicians can safely repair garage door springs.


This easy-to-use movement is made possible by smooth, simple wheels that glide over the tracks quietly. There may be something wrong with your rollers if your door makes unusually loud noises. Two tracks are on either side of a garage door system, and one track lies in the middle, where the drive motor is located. You will not be able to operate your garage door if you have broken any of the tracks. With the assistance of a motor and springs, the door is raised and lowered by a drive operator. A drive operator is usually a chain, belt, or screw. Damaged or misaligned chain, belt, or screw can cause problems with the garage door. Repairing the garage door as soon as possible is our technicians’ responsibility when it malfunctions. It can also be repaired if the drums malfunction. Rotation is caused by the torsion spring winding or unwinding at the ends of the door. Torsion springs coil or unravel wires around the drums when raising or lowering a door. Objects or persons blocking the path of the door will be detected by safety sensors. This feature should always operate on garage door openers.


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Whenever you have any garage door concerns, we can help you out. We can fix any issues you have with your garage door. We don’t think that any issue is too big or small for us. Local garage door dealers can offer garage door parts for all makes and models of garage doors. We provide reliable and durable repairs for garage doors. If you hire a reputable garage door repair company, your garage door will remain in good working order for many years to come. Every garage door service we provide undergoes a thorough training program.

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