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Licensed and insured, Star Garage Door Repair Vancouver in Salmon Creek provides complete garage door services. Almost 30 years ago, we repaired garage doors for residential and commercial properties in Salmon Creek.

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Please contact us if something seems wrong, if the garage door is noisy, if the sensors are faulty, or if anything else is damaged. Repair will be provided whenever convenient for you. We have a team of highly trained, professional technicians who can help you with your garage door issue. With our same day garage door repair, you won’t have to worry about your home’s security being compromised. We have a team that boasts years of experience and the best skills in the industry.


A garage door opener needs to be repaired most of the time. Driven by a motor, rollers, drums, and belt, there are pulleys, rollers, drums, and belts. Lifting the garage door is accomplished using a belt powered by a motor. Belts, springs, and motors are responsible for the entire process of opening and closing a garage door. Many garage doors don’t open when the opener is installed. Electrical problems, broken belts, drums, rollers, or faulty sensors may cause issues with the motor.


The garage door springs on your garage door, whether they are torsion or extension, can be fixed. In order to move the garage door up and down, both of these springs provide a counterbalance and a force. The springs on a garage door opener maintain the door’s balance as it opens and closes, since a heavy door needs to be opened and closed. Please contact us as soon as you discover damage, wear, or other problems with your garage door springs. Garage door springs can be repaired safely by us.


The tracks are glided along quietly by these smooth, simple wheels, providing smooth and easy movement. If you hear unusually loud sounds from your door, it may be faulty rollers. In a garage door system, there are three tracks: two on either side and one in the middle where the drive motor resides. If any of the tracks in your garage door are broken, your garage door will not work. A drive operator raises and lowers the door with the help of the motor and springs. Chains, belts, and screws are common drive operators. There will be problems with the garage door if the chain, belt, or screw are not aligned or damaged in any way. When the garage door is malfunctioning, our technicians will be able to repair it as soon as possible. The drums can also be repaired. The drums at either end of the door rotate when the torsion spring winds or unwinds. During door raising or lowering, the torsion spring coils or unravels the wires around the drums. By installing safety sensors, the door will be able to detect any objects or persons blocking its path. Garage door openers need to have this feature functioning always.

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We can help you with all your garage door concerns. Your garage door will be fixed by our company. No problem is too big or too small for us. Garage door parts can be purchased from local garage door dealers for all brands and types of garage doors. We offer reliable and durable garage door repairs. Your garage door will operate properly for many years to come if you hire a reputable garage door repair company. A strict training process is required for our garage door service.

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